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Innovation. Creativity. I’ve been thinking a lot about these words in the last few weeks. I thought about it so much that I ended up making a video for Advanced Spatial Design Inc. (ASDInc) about innovation, aptly named “Our Innovative State of Mind“. I’m not looking for it to go viral, I just felt the content would be worth while to people who want to get to know us better.

This whirlwind of thoughts regarding creativity came primarily out of an article entitled “Reclaiming Your Creative Confidence” by Tom Kelly and David Kelly of IDEO. The article can be found here:

The first few paragraphs of the article really stuck with me. The premise of it revolved around creativity being a natural state for humans but through the educational process, that creativity is subdued. My creativity comes out in the way of questioning everything around me, to see how I can do something differently, all the time. To see if I can quickly build something to solve a problem or to create something that might be worthwhile. This creative edge was always oozing out but my structured asian upbringing kept that creativity constrained (in both a good/bad way).

The remainder of the article talks about how to overcome the fears that come with reclaiming your confidence and its an interesting read as I’ve had to go through several of the fears myself. It’s funny because overcoming those fears is probably the “meat” of the article but I got stuck on the first few paragraphs instead.



There is always friction in my mind when it comes to creativity. My structured upbringing, coupled with 20 years of schooling left me a bit confused. “If I did it how everybody else did it, I get a good mark/don’t get in trouble” was theme instilled on me but during the course of my MBA, it just seemed odd that the most successful people in business were the ones who didn’t follow any sort of structures. They played outside the realm of commonly accepted business practices so by that simple logic, if I want to succeed, I need to be creative with how I run ASD Inc.

Embracing this creativity has been strange but rewarding. This fusion of problem-solving skills, businesses skills and creativity has changed how ASDInc., operates. That’s why creativity is a central theme at ASD because without it, we can’t call ourselves innovators. With my clients, I want to unleash their latent creativity. I want to see what ideas they come up with and see if they’re feasible and to take these ideas as far as they can go. This prospect excites me and will be the fuel that keeps me going to work every morning for a long time to come.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I also read the original HBR article cited above. It brought to mind Sir Ken Robinson’s TEDtalk on how schools are very good at squelching creativity in children, and how in the 21st century this is simply not going to serve humanity well. We’re in the midst of rethinking so many things that we used to take for granted as “the ways things ought to be” — so it’s an exciting and unsettling time, all at once.

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