Leadership styles, content and fad diets

Fad leadership. They come and go…like Tae Bo

The most prevalent ones of any given time become popular based on the backing of various people who claim that they’ve worked in their environments. How is one suppose to find the right theory, the right application of ideas and constructs to use? If I was to read everything that came across my news channels and emails, I’d wouldn’t actually have time to do anything else.

Now, the latest episode of the Bad Boss Diaries (Leadership lessons from Batman), Darren Ho, the Magnificent Leader of Amazing Supreme Development, chooses to use Batman as his role model. Its really not that far-off of as an idea but I personally would pick somebody that actually exists (he ins’t me!). But the reality is, with so much out material out there, how is one suppose to choose? To expand this idea further, how many of us are paralyzed with indecision because of the wealth of information that is accessible through the internet?
From my experience in establishing my leadership style, there were 2 parts.
1 – Before I started trying to figure out what how to lead, I needed to figure out who I was. Part of that was accomplished through self-tests (i.e. Strengths Finder) and the other part comes from growing up in general and really accepting who I was as an individual. Armed with what I knew about myself, I began consuming a ton of material from various sources (HBR, Inc.com) and  filtered out the articles that made the most sense to me which were the ones that played into who I was as an individual.
2 – Once I was comfortable with what I had settled on, I committed. I do believe that most fad diets will work given that you can commit to it. Exercise as a general idea is good, losing weight (if you’re overweight) will generally happen if you exercise and eat well but for that to happen, you need to commit. Finding a style of leadership, a reason to lead requires commitment and persistence to that long-term idea. Many things will change during the journey but always keep in mind the end goal.
With that being said, I am sure you are expecting me to come out with a detailed description of what style I use but I can’t. I can say that I like playing to peoples strengths and I love helping people. Everything I do revolves around those generic, simple concepts. Everything ASD does goes into fulfilling those goals. For example, in ASD’s Porter’s model, the question isn’t what’s affecting ASD, it’s what’s affecting ASD in its ability to help its clients. The answers that come from that simple change are night and day and is a reminder to me what I plan to do with ASD.

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