Introducing the Bad Boss Diaries

We’ll call this a social experiment.

For the last few months, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with ASD’s social media presence. I came to grips with the purpose of ASD’s social media presence after my trip to Shanghai (my international studies course from my eMBA program). One of the presenters was Nancy Pon, a VP at TouchMedia, a company that creates/maintains content for the touch screens found in taxi cabs and the content that her company created was a little shocking. The video (and subsequent social campaign) went viral within China, gathering several million hits in a short period of time. An added bonus to this story is that Nancy is from a small town in Saskatchewan who has internet celebrity status within China. What a crazy world we live in.

Now, for myself, I’ve realized that success (specifically, vitality in social media) comes from creating content that people can relate to, that people can emotionally connect to. The other side of that success comes from content being so shocking that people naturally share it with the people around them. From ASD’s standpoint, how do I turn the concept “Seeing Information Differently” into content that is shocking or emotionally? What is unique about ASD that I can create content from? I figured out early on that content about my apps wasn’t going to create the effect that I wanted. The only thing that was really unique about ASD was the people and being a startup, that content was going to be about me.

The goal of this entire experiment is to create an audience, to create brand awareness of ASD and to have a bit of fun. As I mentioned before, I believe social media is a tool that should be used (from a business standpoint) to extend who that business is in real life. ASD’s content is going to be evidence of the creativity that goes into the creation and programming of the apps that we produce. Its going to show that we’re not just your regular programmer of apps.





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